Complimentary Consultation

One on One coaching

The focus is on you. Targets are set, obstacles are identified and tools and techniques are used to move the client forward at their own pace. The outcome is always greater awareness and physical/material shifts happen in the process.

Team Coaching

This coaching works with each individual team member to gain clarity and inspiration to help the team be the the best it can be. Everyone benefits personally, productivity and job satisfaction increases and new energy is generated to catapult the business forward.

Group Coaching

The group becomes your community, a safe and fun place to grow and learn about yourself. Targets are set, and each member becomes your support and witness to all the great changes you are making in your life. Be prepared to shift.


RIGHT COACH FOR YOU: I coach my clients to access their unseen power to create amazing transformation in their life and business beyond what they ever thought was possible.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michele as my personal life and business coach for about 3 years and each year I’ve also invested in a VIP Day. This 8 hour day, which is spent planning my year ahead as well as acknowledging my achievements for the prior year, has become the highlight of my year with Michele!

We pack so much into 1 day including a Vision Board, Acknowledging List, Goal Setting, Business Planning, Budget and more. It acts as a reset button for me, and kickstarts me for a new year with a very clear idea of how I want my year to be – right down to the type of mailout campaigns I will hold for my farming area each month!

Year upon year, I grow my business, and as well as my monthly coaching sessions with Michele, I attribute my success to the VIP Day each year.

Thanks Michele!

Angela EvennettTop Producer, Fraser Valley

Have you ever wondered why you overreact to certain situations? Or seem stuck in behaviour patterns that no longer serve you ?
That’s what drew me to Michele and keeps me coming back. Together we have unravelled the “why” and moved through the “how”, so I could be more of the person I want to be now! Michele’s coaching has helped to take all of my relationships to a new level of intimacy and love. I am forever grateful.

Darlene C.Business Owner

Michele has been a vital part of my life and my growth as a person for the last 4 years. I started working with her at a relatively young age (19), but we were still able to connect. I am not sure what state my life would be in now without her but it would certainly be worse. I would recommend her to anyone I cared about if they were looking for someone to talk to, no matter what they came to me with. Michele has really found her calling with life coaching. (is that what you call yourself? If not change it) Her ability to take in someone’s issues and not apply her own personal bias is truly special. Michele doesn’t give you advice she provides a path to allow you to fix your own problems, but in a way that guarantees you do.

Landon G.Student

Coaching with Michele is like talking to a long-time confidant who is truly listening. Listening from a place of love, care and understanding. The process is very gentle, there is no judgement – it’s a chat really. And sometimes during that chat, little windows open, or even doors!

Through coaching, I’ve become so much more aware of what’s going on inside me and around me. I’m aware of what I’ve been telling myself my whole life, patterns I’ve been running. I’m aware of them and can now decide if they are serving me.

Michele has helped me find tools that work for me to see other possibilities in life. She has helped me find ways to remember these tools in moments when I need them most.

I used to coast through life waiting for my real life to start. I’ve finally realized that THIS is my real life, it is now, and I’m the one in charge of making it AMAZING. Through my coaching work with Michele, I’ve become so full of joy, energy and I’m living my bigger life now!

Christina S.Real Estate Team Manager

I highly recommend Michele Laurent’s coaching services to other managers and leaders in the industry. Her professional and supportive demeanor is the perfect combination you would expect from a coach. I am grateful for Michele’s sound advice and suggestions that have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.

Fran B.Business Manager

I first came to Michele as a struggling entrepreneur a few years ago. I had a small business that was eating up my entire life, I was stressed out and looking for help. I was looking for advice on how to structure the business in such a way that I could have some life and balance back. Michele guided me down a path that was far more personal than the business coaching I thought I was looking for, and even though I resisted at first, she helped bring me to a much more rounded and peaceful existence. Ironically the inner work we did on me in many ways solved the problems I was having, most of the issues coming from within my own psychology. I would not have figured that out without her help. She is always warm, wise and kind, a really great person to have as a coach and guide, she has made a remarkable impact on my life. Her toolkit for helping you get to what matters is deep and her insights and advice are top notch. She's great. Thank you for what you do Michele!

Dave BruntAll the Rage Creative

Michele has been a Life Coach to me for many years. Her ability to feel the energy of a person and direct the session accordingly is amazing. She has also a way of giving tough love while being non-judgemental at the same time. She has a strong but gentle way about her. While under her coaching I have witnessed both subtle and more profound changes in my emotional life as well as my day to day life. I truly feel blessed that I was introduced to her life’s philosophies. I experienced a great loss a few years back losing a son to a violent end. Her guidance leading up to during and after this helped me to carry on with life and still find love and happiness. When I have a setback she quickly gets me right back on track. She has definitely found her bliss.


I have had the fortune to have had the expert coaching guidance and wisdom from Michele since 2005 in my journey of personal growth and enlightenment.

Michele’s patient, caring, non-judgemental, knowledgeable expertise has helped me grow and open up on so many levels to become a more spiritual, aware and conscious being.

Michele has brought so many different techniques to our times together. Her selfless, never-ending quest to help me face down many of my fears and limiting programmed beliefs, some of which I wasn’t even aware were holding me back from living the phenomenal life she teaches and we all deserve to live. With her guidance, I have become a more open, fearless girl who has learned to embrace life using the tools and coping skills she has passed on to me.

I unabashedly credit Michele for inspiring me to live my days with joy, promise and being aware of infinite possibilities. She is irreplaceable in my eyes!!

Shelagh S.REALTOR®

Michele’s coaching and guidance has enabled me to see the limitations I was putting on myself, then enabling me to open up to the unlimited opportunity.

Mark D.Media

I have known Michele for 30 years. One of the most impressive things about Michele is that she truly practises what she teaches. Any time I am off track I can see Michele who is able to aid me in regrouping and redirecting myself. Michele doesn’t tell you what you need to do, she helps you find it within yourself because only you know.

Several years ago I had a dream to move to France and to become bilingual. I took a year leave from my work. The process seemed daunting and there were several times when I wondered if I had what it took to get there. I called up Michele and she had a few suggestions for me and then I started working with her again. Through her interesting conventional and some unconventional techniques I was able to overcome the hurdles that were stopping me. I did move to France, fulfilled an amazing dream, became bilingual and met a lovely French man whom I am still involved with. I owe a great thanks to Michele who was able to work with me in such away for me to believe in myself and to break the goal down into manageable pieces.

When I returned from France I decided to sell my lovely little heritage townhouse of 15 years. I am living in Kits and loving it and have never looked back. Once again Michele helped me process many feelings that arose from selling my home, having faith in my choice and moving into the future with excitement for what was next.

I have another rather large goal ahead of me. I have been nursing for over 26 years and I desperately want to move into a new career. My head has been spinning with what to do next. Today I committed to joining Michele’s next group and I actually felt instantly better when I did. I would say it is a true indicator that it is the right choice. I feel somewhat emotional as I write when I realize what we have accomplished together.

With your own commitment for change and Michele’s support I have no doubt your world will open up as you would like it to.

Beth C.Registered Nurse

Working with Michele gave me the relief as a business owner to have someone to support and guide me, and in my personal life help me create time to work on myself. It has always been a safe place, that I look forward to, knowing that when I walk out, I will feel better and stronger than I did when I walked in. Michele has provided me with numerous tools to help elevate stress, and help build more confidence and strength in myself. There is no doubt in my mind, that wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance, love, and friendship ?


Michele guided me with the compassionate and non-judgemental manner toward a path to living my best life. I learned a great deal about myself and was able to become clear on what I want in life. I highly recommend Michele to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life.

Anne G.Business Person

Michele is one of those rare individuals who listens, hears, understands and guides clearly. She will learn what you think you want then start questioning you in ways that force you to use all of your brain power, all of your intuition and, eventually, abilities you may not have known you have. Be prepared to face the reality that you have been operating with life-long habits that need to change. She will nudge you into zones where you may not be comfortable until you realize that your long held perceptions and behaviours are part of your problem and therefore part of the solution. By taking ownership of your problem, you can change your perception of reality.

Start a session feeling tired, depressed, frustated or angry and leave a session with a sense of being back in control, happier and ready to carve out your life. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

Mark B.CEO

I’ve been in the business for over 20 years and have worked with many coaches. I must say you stand out. With your great coaching techniques you have helped my team perform at their highest level. You listen to our needs and challenges and help us overcome our problems. I am very grateful for your knowledge and expertise on helping the human spirit.


I've had some of the biggest breakthroughs of my life as a direct result of working with Michele. She's adept at guiding me to where my resistance lies and has a variety of powerful tools to propel me beyond the limits I set for myself. Our work together helped me get the car that I didn't think I could afford and four months after our session on beliefs surrounding finances, I doubled my income that following year; MY MOST SUCCESSFUL YEAR TO DATE. I appreciate that she's intuitive, diplomatic and direct while calling me out on my s*** while still maintaining her calm, non-judgmental nature. Michele is a gifted coach that can support anyone in their quest to better understand and transform their lives.

Patti KActor / Psychic Intuitive / WSBC Claims Coordinator

I have known Michele for seven years, and I have always thought how easy it is to open up to her. I didn’t know she was a life coach, however, when I found that out I was so excited to start working with her. I am a seeker, looking for knowledge, growth, spiritually and Michele helped me gain confidence, and provided me with some new tools and techniques for a better life all around. I am still a work in progress and hope to continue to see her. I would and have recommended Michele to anyone I meet!

Chrissy B. Office Administrator

Michele was instrumental in helping me change my mindset from one of doubt and anxiety, to confidence and tranquility! Once I set my intention differently, things started showing up in a positive way. I highly recommend working with Michele if you want to live your life in a new and wonderful way!


I came to group in January of 2013. I had been completely undone and broken by my marriage of 23 years falling apart around me with everything beyond my control. I came to group eviscerated beyond belief and really saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I went to a lot of therapy and had great friends and family that helped get me through but Michele and her amazing group is what I credit so much to my healing. Michele helps me look forward instead of dwelling in the past. She gave me tools and techniques to help me see my worth and potential. She and the group have helped me move forward and I can honestly say that I now have joy in my life. I still have a ways to go but with Michele’s and our “group” I now know I will get there.

Brooke H.Interior Designer

Michele’s teachings came to me as a gift and I have forever felt blessed by my experience with her. I turned 50, lost my job with 23 years of seniority, threatened and injured my one good eye. I was stricken with fear. I learned that my fear was distracting me from have a greater life. The most powerful lesson Michele taught me was to “stop living in conclusion”. This was a huge awakening for me. I kept saying to myself “I will never get out of debt, I will never get a Monday to Friday job”. Guess what?, I now have a Monday to Friday job and my debt is reduced not increased.

Michele’s teachings and tools brought awareness of my limiting beliefs. She helped me unlock judgements. My parenting of teenagers comes with more ease and allowance. Michele’s warmth, professionalism and passion creates a calm and receptive aura to displace apprehension and concern. She reminds you to not worry about the how. She encourages you to ask questions to get out of conclusion. With her, you will learn to embrace your own journey, what else is possible?

Thank you, thank you, thank you Michele for transforming my life.

Annettte R.Health Care Worker

I have known Michele through real estate for over two decades and she has been my personal/business coach for the past two years. As a coach she has an incredibly subtle, skilful and sensitive way of guiding you to make healthier and more rewarding choices. She is patient and empathic. She truly listens, then opens the doors of possibility in front of you. I am not even quite sure how she does it, but the proof has personally manifested in my life! I am in a far better place than when she began coaching me. I am happier now with where I live, where I work, and who I choose to share my life with.


I am lucky to have benefited from Michele Laurent’s coaching for many years. She has quietly, radically, shifted me into a far greater experience of all that life has to offer & an awareness of the ways i was unable to receive any of it before working with her. Kick-ass & highly intuitive spring to mind when describing her. She has a stealth approach where she asks a seemingly innocent question that blows up limiting beliefs. I am left standing in my bullshit rubble scratching my head & smiling & wondering what just happened. All very quietly done...she rips those false reality bandaids off so the wounds can heal. If you’re ready to expand & experience so much more of what you desire, this is the coach you’ll attract into your life.

Laura Pery


How much does coaching cost?

Each package is designed to meet the client’s needs therefore pricing varies. Please email or call me and I can give you a full overview.

Do I have to live nearby to work with you?

I do in person, phone or zoom sessions with email follow up. I coach people in the US, Canada and Australia.  As long as we can make our time zones connect it is possible.

How does coaching differ from Therapy?

Coaching is about moving forward in life and creating habits that help to do that.  Nothing is broken or needs fixing. The coach asks questions, and the client comes up with the awareness.

What happens in a session?

The client creates the agenda for the session and the coaching starts from there. Commitments are made and reviewed each session.

How will I benefit from coaching?

The client will get as much out of the coaching as they are willing to put into it. The coach holds you accountable and asks the tough questions. See success stories for direct benefits some of “rightcoachfor you” clients have experienced.

If you have any other questions feel free to email: