About Michele’s Coaching

LaurentIf there is something that is not working the way you would like it to in your life I am here to be your catalyst for change.

By working with me you can transform your situation, access your unseen powers, create possibility and change, envision and implement your dreams, feel more confident and secure in who you are and change any money and relationship blocks.

I bring experience, intuitive awareness, tools, techniques and deep listening skills to get you connected in to who you are and where you want to go.

Self awareness has a huge impact on everything in your life, including your money, health and relationships. When you expand self knowledge you create at a level that allows more receiving and ease. That creates momentum, more joy and more inspiration for what you are doing.

I have a background in business, sales, competitive sport, yoga, meditation, and have explored many body/energy processes and techniques that have assisted me in my life and career. My purpose is to continue to expand my own level of awareness and consciousness by continually learning. This allows me to coach you to see fresh points of view, generate new ideas and learn practical tools and techniques that actually work.

Subconscious work is a major component in the work. When you learn how your own mind is functioning for or against you, then you can make real progress. Fear, doubt and other low vibrations are our distractions from receiving our potential. The majority of the time we are unaware of the beliefs we are holding. Awareness is the magic ingredient that connects you to your own knowing. By choosing to know more about how you function and then make some different choices true confidence and personal power comes forth. Operating from this place of personal empowerment creates phenomenal movement and change. Having a coach to assist in the process makes it much easier and can fast track improvement.

It is incredibly inspiring to watch what shows up in the client’s life, through the process, and it is the reason I love to coach.


I have coached all types of people to see their blind spots, create shifts and make changes to help them create their business beyond what they thought was possible. I have 25 plus years of sales experience, with a successful career in residential real estate. Throughout my sales career I have been dedicated to my own personal growth to support the success of my business. In the process, I have realized that sharing what I’ve learned is a big part of what fulfills me, so coaching is a natural fit for me.

I have worked with REALTORS®, business owners, executives, healthcare workers, teachers, designers, actors and more to build, expand or transition their careers. Whether starting a new business, growing a business or making a big career move, coaching will open you up to make choices that will put the joy into your work life and move you forward with confidence.


Our whole life revolves around our relationships with people. I have coached clients on improving work relationships, significant other relationships (whether getting married or going through a divorce), and family relationship (clearing old patterns). Some relationships are meant to dissolve and new ones take their place, while others are refreshed with new points of view and ways of being together. If your relationship is transitioning or you want to improve a current one, or create a new one, there is plenty to explore in this area. At the very least you will learn more about how you function in relationship.