How much does coaching cost?
Each package is designed to meet the client’s needs therefore pricing varies. Please email or call me and I can give you a full overview.

Do I have to live nearby to work with you?
I do phone sessions with email follow up or in person. I coach people in the US, Canada and Australia.  As long as we can make our time zones connect it is possible.

How does coaching differ from Therapy?
Coaching is about moving forward in life and creating habits that help to do that.  Nothing is broken or needs fixing. The coach asks questions, and the client comes up with the awareness.

What happens in a session?
The client creates the agenda for the session and the coaching starts from there. Commitments are made and reviewed each session.

How will I benefit from coaching?
The client will get as much out of the coaching as they are willing to put into it. The coach holds you accountable and asks the tough questions. See success stories for direct benefits some of “rightcoachfor you” clients have experienced.

If you have any other questions feel free to email “rightcoachforyou@gmail.com”